Made at a time when Stephen King’s shopping list could have been turned into a film, Lewis Teague’s Cujo gets a feature packed restored two disc release from Eureka.

Considering the film is well over 30 years, surprisingly it still retains some shock value (hence the 18 certificate and not downgraded to a ’15’ like so many films of that era) and remains a decent piece of horror cinema.

Handsomely presented in a rather fetching box with the discs bulging with quality extras including new interviews and an uncompressed soundtrack which does sound rather good.

I haven’t seen it in years having rented it from my local video shop Enterprise as a young lad on the Guild Home Video label (with it’s appalling cover – Google it).  As time has passed I could appreciate just how well crafted and acted it is.  Back then of course I was only interested in seeing a gert big dog attack people.

One of the better King adaptions, no ‘Salem’s Lot or Christine but still a bloody good film.