Andre the Giant

First shown on HBO last year (and SKY Atlantic here in the UK) this is a stunning documentary telling the story of possibly the most unique man in wrestling, Andre the Giant.

A co-production between HBO and WWE themselves this is certainly no ‘filler-type’ doc created like an extra on a DVD but a serious study of a truly great man who as you will learn was sadly constantly in pain due to the condition he suffered from during his entire life.

There’s plenty of terrific archival footage and interviews of people who actually knew Andre including Vince McMahon and members of the Hollywood community who knew him when working on the bona fide classic The Princess Bride.  The wrestling footage is definitely a real treasure as I was seeing stuff I’ve never seen before and believe me I’ve watched a lot of wrestling over the last (almost) 30 years.

In all fairness possibly the best documentary WWE has ever done (with some help from HBO) and if you’ll a wrestling fan buying it is a no-brainer.  Even if you’ll only slightly interested, pick it up as it is really quite special.