Candyman: Farewell to the Flesh

Bernard Rose’s adaption of Clive Barker’s short story was a sizeable hit when first released and it was a sure thing that a sequel would soon be green-lighted.  This time around Rose was gone and replaced by the future Academy Award winning Bill Condon (who also wrote one of my early 90’s faves FX2).  Returning from the original was Tony Todd in the title role and Michael Culkin playing academic Phillip Purcell.

Set against the backdrop of New Orleans, school teacher Annie Tarrant’s Father has been murdered, her Brother is locked up for it and her Mother appears to be harbouring some deep family secret.  Annie’s pupils believe the Candyman is real so to prove them wrong she says his name five times in the mirror.  Of course that is a big mistake and the long coat wearing, hook handed spirit soon turns up to make Annie’s life a misery.

The first film told us briefly of Candyman’s origins and Condon’s sequel delves deeper into his backstory which as you may remember was a love story which was ended in a tragic fashion with the murder of Daniel Robitaille whose spirit manifested into the Candyman.  Robitaille is a tragic figure and the scenes of his demise are really quite upsetting and Todd’s performance is spot on.  Aided by the returning Philip Glass’ wonderful score Condon weaves a pretty decent story with some good gory kills and although no patch on the original film it can stand on its own as an entertaining horror movie worthy of your time complete with some very well shot (at times religious) imagery.

The blu-ray’s special feature are plentiful with a commentary, trailer, interviews and choice of soundtrack either stereo or 5.1 DTS.  I do recommend the Tony Todd interview as Todd is a very good interviewee, obviously an intelligent chap and the sort of guy you could listen to for a lot longer than the 25 minutes or so on this disc.