Next of Kin (1982)

After the death of her Mother, Linda returns to her the old people’s home which her Mother ran and where she grew up.  Greeted warmly by the new staff and hooking up with local lad Barney everything seems okay but the home has financial issues and Linda is considering selling up.

One of the residents then dies, another old boy Lance who Linda is fond of has a stroke and just who is the figure in the top floor window wearing Linda’s mother’s coat?

Next of Kin is certainly a bit different than the films the Australian film industry were knocking out around that time such as Turkey Shoot and The Road Warrior.  The whole picture feels like a European horror movie perhaps one from Italy or England and its got a real haunted house (but is it?) vibe going on as well.

It’s striking lead actress Jackie Kerin is really, really good as Linda and I think she’s got a Barbara Steele’esque quality to her which compliments the film’s ‘Euro look’.  The great John Jarratt also pops up as Linda’s fella Barney, a generally nice guy far removed from his portrayal of ‘loveable’ psycho Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek.  The film has a decent story and the final act is well tense if a little predictable but it’s got a real ‘kick in the balls’ ending though.

A totally terrific film (with some damn good extras as well) which deserves plenty of exposure and now with the remastered blu-ray releases it can.  When putting this review together I stumbled upon the old UK video release cover.  I can actually remember the sleeve from Atlantis as it was rather cool and striking.