Many years ago when the Native Americans were being driven from their homeland, one of their chiefs was tortured and murdered.  Upon his death he laid a curse on the chains that bound him and throughout history that curse has caused the demise of whoever comes into contact with it.

Moon Crane has returned home after the death of her Mother, estranged from her brother River she isn’t exactly given a warm welcome.  Her Mother was a recovering addict and has died in somewhat mysterious circumstances.  What Moon and her brother doesn’t know is that she was in possession of the cursed chain.  River’s girlfriend Bethany (Violett Beane from TV’s The Flash) stupidly takes a link from the chain and then gets it confiscated by one of her teachers.  The poor guy gets more than he bargained for when the vengeful spirit comes for all who possess the chain.

Bethany thinks it’s a great idea to make keep sake bracelets and necklaces for River and her friends not knowing there’s a very pissed off Indian ready to claim their souls.  Moon and her ex-boyfriend cop Tyler begin to piece together what is going on with the weird deaths and why she and her brother have had black-outs.

Flay is a terrific horror film filled with great characters in particular River’s dopey friends who you know are being lined up to bite the bullet at some point plus we also get a nice appearance from Phantasm legend A. Michael Baldwin in a brief role.  Taking inspiration from The Slenderman phenomenon (and a lot better than the actual Slenderman film) as well as J-Horror films, the film makers have crafted a really cool picture with a lot of atmosphere, dramatic music and CGI used sparingly when needed to enhance the action.  On a final note I really liked the editing of the picture with the ‘fade to blacks’ and also the trippy sequences when people come into contact with that pesky chain.

A highly enjoyable romp with lots of spirit (pun intended).

  • Starring Elle LaMont  Violett Beane  Johnny Walter  Dalton E. Gray
  • Director Eric Pham