Cannibal Terror

An apology in advance for cannibal jokes and puns throughout this review.

The gut munching genre has seen it’s controversies in particular Ruggero Deodato and Umberto Lenzi’s Holocaust and Ferox respectively due to the obvious nature of the subject matter.  These type of films are certainly not to my taste but I do rather like Cannibal Apocalypse with John Saxon.

Usually it was the Italians who cornered this market but with ‘Cannibal Terror’ the French have had a bash with some help from a certain Jess Franco lurking in the background.

A kidnapping goes pear shaped, the bad guys flee and then to cut a long story short, some of cinema’s most unconvincing cannibals turn up.  You don’t need to know any more than that because this film is possibly one of the biggest travesties ever made.  It is utter nonsense but hilariously watchable.

Whilst the hard core cannibal films were brutal where even I turned away when Giovanni Lombardo Radice lost his chopper in Ferox, this film is so inept in its execution of everything I wonder if the film makers were either really that crap or geniuses along the levels of Spielberg or Hitchcock.

In all honesty I couldn’t care less because I had a real good time chortling away during the film and when it finished I devoured the extras which featuring a really terrific meaty 47 minute documentary.

I even had the guts to recommend the film to a mate who hates horror on every level but I said it’s so bad you’ll love it,  I haven’t heard from him since…

Awful, piss-poor bargain basement movie making but quite essential if you want to have a chuckle and be a bit grossed out (usually by the appalling acting and dubbing).  And to think back in the day, you could get arrested for owning it.  I personally found it all endearing and rather quaint.  Loving those cannibals as well.