The Unholy

I can remember just like it was yesterday reading about this film in Fangoria but for some reason I never got round to seeing it.  It had a UK release on video and popped up on DVD a few years ago finally in its uncut form.  With Lionsgate’s revamped Vestron Video label, I now have the chance to finally view it and the real question is was it worth the wait for the best part of 30 years.

A priest has been savagely murdered in his church (by a demonic temptress in a see through gown).  Some time later the Catholic Church decide to reopen the church (where the murder took place) and place it in the charge of a young priest (Ben Cross) who somehow survived a fall from a high building.

All is not what it seems at St. Agnes and before the murder we see at the beginning of the film there was another priest killed there.  Throw in a cop who is obsessed with what is going on, a seedy club with all kind of weird shit going down and in the final act, scary demon midgets.

Trying to make some sense of it all is Ben Cross playing the novice priest Father Michael who has to do his best Max Von Sydow impression to rid the world of ‘The Unholy’.  Supporting Cross in what is really a medium budget horror movie and nothing more is a fine cast of respected thespians comprising of Ned Beatty, Trevor Howard and Hal Holbrook.  There’s some decent effects on display with a fair amount of gore.

It is what it is, a late 80’s horror film which is pretty dated especially the music but when you have scary midgets and a ginger demon you can’t really go far wrong.  Certainly not a travesty but I’m a sucker for horror with religious themes so I thought it wasn’t half bad.  Did I mention there was a sexy ginger demon in it wearing a see through dress?