Crucible of the Vampire

Our film starts with the hanging of a necromancer (the great character actor Brian Croucher) back in the old witch-finder days.  After the destruction of his cauldron used for his shenanigans we then fast forward to the modern day where we meet our central character Isabelle.

Isabelle is an assistant curator at a museum and her boss gets her to travel to a country home in Shropshire where half of the cauldron has been found.  The other half is conveniently stored at their museum.  Isabelle travels to the home of the well to do family where the artefact was discovered during renovations.

Karl, the owner of the house seems nice enough if a little odd, his wife seems an eccentric type and his daughter Scarlet is certainly a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic.  Although hauntingly beautiful she is definitely an oddball which is confirmed when she sneaks into Isabelle’s room and smells her knickers.

Of course this isn’t the story a pants sniffer and it soon materialises all is not what it seems in this country house.  Strange noises are afoot and something is wandering the hallways causing Isabelle some serious distress.  Whilst having a quiet drink in the pub Isabelle is told the tragic goings-on surrounding the house by local gardener Robert (Neil Morrissey) who has had experience with vampires in the past, well vampire motorcycles at least.

With a title like Crucible of the Vampire who would think we’re in Hammer territory and for the last half an hour or so of the film we are.  Before all the undead stuff, there’s a bit of mystery going on which is nicely played out by the actors in particular the two female leads who are terrific.

For what it’s worth I quite enjoyed the film, its well made, atmospheric, the thespian skills on show are pretty good and most of all it has a creepy villain who is used sparingly to great effect.

Not bad at all.

  • Distributor Screenbound