When a Stranger Calls

One of the first ‘thrillers’ or ‘horror’ I ever saw on the old Guild Home Video release rented most probably from my local video shop Telebond in the early eighties.

It’s now being cleaned up, restored and re-released on blu-ray along with a fair amount of extras, a nice book, a cool poster and the made for TV sequel (with the gorgeous Jill Schoelen) included as well.  Thankfully the crappy remake of a few years ago isn’t here.

Second Sight continue to kick ass with their retro releases and this one is up there with The Changeling and Xtro.  The film’s opening is still frightening as ever and I’m always up for Charles Durning in any role.  Although in my opinion he’ll never beat the awesome Doc Hopper from The Muppet Movie with his pesky ‘French Fried Frogs Legs’.