The Blob (1988)

A small town in Colorado has been visited by what appears to be some kind of meteor.  The local old homeless dude whilst out collecting trash starts poking at it where it has landed.  He soon regrets it as some kind of blob-like substance attaches itself to his hand.

Local football hero Paul is on a first date with cheerleader Meg and bumps into local bad boy Brian Flagg who has ran into the old fella.  Taking him to the hospital, it doesn’t take long for the blob to spread and start claiming victims.

Director Chuck Russell’s first film A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors was a massive hit and his second picture was this one which is a remake of a childhood favourite.  Co-written by Shawshank’s Frank Darabont this version of The Blob pays homage to the Steve McQueen original whilst going off into a new (1980’s) direction complete with icky effects.

In fact those effects still pretty much stand up today (apart from a few now ropey shots) and there’s plenty of nice interesting deaths to enjoy.  Russell has assembled a fine cast, the leads Shawnee Smith and Kevin Dillon are great and totally believable.  The supporting cast is simply outstanding and is packed with terrific character actor including Candy Clark, Jeffrey DeMunn, Art La Fleur and Erika (Baywatch) Eleniak in a brief early role.

It’s still loads of fun and holds up well.   A bit of an underachiever, box office wise but over the years it has gained cult status which it thoroughly deserves. Definitely a beer and takeaway movie of the highest vintage.

  • Distributor Umbrella Entertainment