Greatest Royal Rumble

The first PPV in the ten year contract with the Saudi Arabian government saw WWE take the best part of their roster (and some special guests, some great, some totally pointless filler) to put on a huge event featuring a returning Undertaker who would take on Rusev.  John Cena also made an appearance taking on his boss Triple H.

Of course the main Rumble featured 50 Superstars and seemed to go on forever but Rumbles are always fun and it did feature possibly the greatest moment in wrestling history when Titus O’Neill stumbled on the ramp and fell straight under the ring apron (check it out below).

It features plenty of action but it is really a glorified house show and the Royal Rumble aspect spoils the whole point of it being an annual event in January.  However I love Battle Royals and they can be unpredictable as hell as poor old Titus found out.

It’s been endlessly debated in the media about the lack of women in the event due to the laws and traditions in Saudi Arabia.  All I will say on the matter is that the show is a lot poorer for it.

Not the best, but not bad.  WWE need to try better and the Crown Jewel which recently took place didn’t improve matters.  The WWE World Cup, what a load of nonsense.