Robin Hood: The Rebellion

Probably along with Sherlock Holmes one of cinema’s most familiar characters is Robin Hood who has been played by the likes of Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and a fox in Disney’s classic animated feature.  With the new big budget reinvention on the way with Taron Egerton we also get a smaller and much cheaper version with a bloke playing him who used to be in Emmerdale.  In all fairness Ben Freeman does a pretty good job as the outlaw.

The film starts with Robin, Maid Marian and a few merry men living in Sherwood Forest and generally getting on the Sheriff of Nottingham’s nerves.  Marian is captured and Robin must save the day.  Throw in some sword fights, a lot of running about in the countryside and some hammy acting.

The film makers though have done awfully well filling the cast with familiar faces.  We get the legendary Brian Blessed as Friar Tuck, Torchwood’s Gareth David-Lloyd and Kristian ‘Hodor’ Nairn all turning up for a pay cheque.  Acting honours do go to James Oliver Wheatley as the Sheriff who hisses his lines and is thoroughly enjoying himself dressed in his Game of Thrones knock-off gear.  Marie Everett also does well as a feisty Maid Marian.

It’s no Prince of Thieves but it is reasonably entertaining in a cheap Asylum’esque way and perfect for slightly older kids as there’s a bit of blood.  Not the greatest Robin Hood by a country mile but not bad.

  • Distributor Signature Entertainment