Secret Santa

April’s family are seriously estranged.  Her Mum and Dad are divorced, her step brother has had an inappropriate relationship with a family member, her sister hates everyone and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  Somehow she manages to persuade all the family to go to Christmas dinner at the ski lodge they own in the middle of nowhere.

As soon as they begin to arrive, the bickering starts but that is nothing to what will develop throughout the evening.

Adam (the very under-rated Jason Goes to Hell) Marcus’ Secret Santa is a riot, insanely violent, a bit un-PC and has possibly the largest amount of unlikeable characters in a film for quite some time.  This bunch of people are truly unpleasant and only a couple of them has any thread of decency.  When the action kicks in after the exchanges at the dinner table, we are treated to a non stop barrage of bloody violence with splashes of humour thrown into the mix as well.

It’s certainly not a Christmas film for snowflakes as they’ll bound to be upset but I found it rather engaging and well worth checking out.