Night of the Creeps

Back in the good old days of 1959 an alien experiment crashes to earth and unfortunately infects a young man who has just had a pretty harrowing experience of his own.  Years later a couple of young college students are out to impress and want to join a college fraternity.  They are tasked to steal a corpse but by a stroke of bad luck the body they find is the young infected lad from years ago who has been cryogenically frozen.

Suffice to say he comes back to life and heads back to the site of his date back in the 50’s.  Therefore all hell breaks loose as little slugs burst from him and go on the rampage.  Step forward Detective Ray Cameron (the immortal Tom Atkins) a cop with a haunted past who investigates the strange goings on armed with his trusty shot gun.

Night of the Creeps is a riot from beginning to end.  Packed with icky effects, terrific set pieces and oodles of charm.  The film wasn’t successful when it hit cinemas but has gained a cult appreciation over the years.  I saw it back around its release on an old CBS/Fox video tape and fell in love with it then.  A year or so later director Fred Dekker unleashed The Monster Squad, a magnificent cinematic achievement and beloved by many.

As far as extras go, we have commentaries, a different ending, interviews and a booklet with writing on the film.  Eureka has used the great original cinema artwork for its case and not the appalling cover used by Sony in the States for their release, so well done guys.

The film could be arrested for 80’s fashion crimes but apart from that it is still a real blast and hopefully this Blu-ray will make make new fans of this simply great movie with characters named after famous horror film directors.

  • Starring Tom Atkins  Jason Lively  Jill Whitlow  Steve Marshall
  • Director Fred Dekker
  • Distributor Eureka