To Catch a Killer

A young man has gone missing from his place of work and is parents report him missing to the local police.  Apparently last since talking with a local prominent businessman the police begin their investigation.  Something doesn’t ‘feel right’ about it all and the newly promoted Lt. Kozenczak digs deeper into the life of the man in question John Wayne Gacy.

The story of John Wayne Gacy is well known, one of history’s most prolific and evil serial killers he was responsible for the death of dozens of young men and was executed in 1994.  Being a TV movie and a lengthy two parter, the film goes into great depth into the police’s investigation. This includes the frustrations felt by them due to the fact that Gacy was respected in the local community which featured his charity work as ‘Pogo the Clown’.

The police however wouldn’t give up (even using a psychic played by the late Margot Kidder) and eventually they got their man.

Changing a few bits and pieces including names, the film keeps pretty close to the true story and features a powerhouse Emmy nominated performance from Brian Dennehy as the evil Gacy.

Considering the sordid and unpleasant nature of Gacy’s crimes, the film is in no way tasteless or exploitative as it could have been a real sleazefest so credit to the production team and the whole cast for this.

To Catch a Killer is a classic piece of made for TV drama showcasing the talents of one of the greatest character actors of all time and I comfortably destroyed all three hours of it in one sitting.

  • Starring Brian Dennehy  Michael Riley  Meg Foster  David Eisner
  • Director Eric Till
  • Distributor Umbrella Entertainment