The military have been conducting experiments to produce the ultimate soldier and as per usual it’s all gone rather wrong and the test subject has broken free.  That ‘infected’ individual spreads his condition and in a short time London and it’s surrounding area is thriving with fast paced blood hungry zombies wanting a snack i.e. humans.

A small unit comprising of UK-US troops is given the task to infiltrate the quarantine zone and retrieve the doctor responsible for the outbreak. The military believe he is in several areas in the zone so they have to check it out and find him and bring him to HQ to hopefully find a cure.

Not the most original of plots, I grant you.  However RedCon 1 has something most living dead films have lacked recently, obscene amounts of blood, gore, limb chomping and over the top violence.  These zombies begin to evolve after they become undead and begin to remember their past lives and some of them develop serious some fighting skills.

The action and gore is totally relentless and no one is safe from being massacred from your average man on the street to little kids so this isn’t a film for people who are a bit soft.

The cast do well considering their characters are pretty much there to either die, kill zombies or do macho posturing (these are hard core soldiers after all). The one female soldier is played by Katarina Leigh Waters, who you may recognise from her WWE days as Katie Lea Burchill, sister of ‘Pirate’ Paul Burchill.

The action and blood shed is all expertly staged and the amount of extras as zombies rivals George A. Romero’s later epics in the sheer scale of the amount of them on the screen.

Mindless fun and so deserving of it’s 18 certificate which pleased me greatly.

  • Starring Oris Erhuero  Carlos Gallardo  Mark Strange
  • Director Chee Keong Cheung