Its hard to believe that Halloween one of the greatest (horror) films is forty years old and to celebrate its anniversary Lionsgate have released John Carpenter’s immortal classic yet again but this time we get it on 4k Ultra HD as well as standard Blu-ray (a DVD release has also crept out.)

Do I really need to tell you the plot?  Well, basically a young lad called Michael kills his sister and is locked up in a mental institution.  15 years later he escapes and pursued by his Doctor played by Donald Pleasance who is convinced he will return to his home town.  The little town of Haddonfield will never forget that Halloween night of 1978 in a hurry.

The film is simply a masterclass in how to make an effective horror thriller will practically bloodless and rely on good old fashioned scares, atmosphere and brilliant performances.  Carpenter’s own score complements the film in a huge way and is now as recognisable as the likes of the Star Wars and James Bond themes.

Of course the real reason to discuss this release is to look at the 4K disc.  Is it worth upgrading if you have a telly and Blu-ray player capable of such things?  I would say yes as the picture looks awesome and the 7.1 soundtrack for a film that was shot in mono and then ‘sexed up’ gives the speakers a nice workout.  Nothing too flashy but very balanced at times (well to my lugholes anyway).

The night he came home is better than ever and the bit where Michael comes out behind the hedge still scares the crap out of me.

  • Starring Donald Pleasance  Jamie Lee Curtis  Nick Castle  PJ Soles
  • Director John Carpenter