The Nursery

Ranae is your average college student looking to make a few bucks babysitting to make her life a bit easier.  After interviewing with the parents she is offered a gig looking after their infant when they go out for the evening.  The house is practically in the middle of nowhere but after getting dropped off by her best friend everything seems fine.

The baby rarely wakes after being put down in the nursery so the parents assure Ranae she’s probably in for a reasonably quiet night.  Of course that isn’t going to happen and after some weird dreams after nodding off on the sofa and some a couple of dodgy phone calls Danae begins to freak out somewhat.

So there’s a knock on the door and its some of her buddies turn up to give some moral support (or in the case of the bearded dude look for the alcohol).  Of course then people start seeing things including an apparent appirartion of a long haired girl who looks like Samara from The Ring.  After checking things over with her brother via the family computer Danae realises there is some scary stuff going down.

After a slow burning start, The Nursery kicks into gear and presents itself as a low budget inventive chiller with some decent scares, some odd distorting sound effects which strangely work well and when the special effects guys get let loose, some gore and blood.

The performances are pretty decent and although the token male of the group is an annoying tool who you can’t wait to die he does have a great taste in films, so he has at least one redeeming trait.  The isolated location of the house where the action goes down works well to the story (and the budget) and overall The Nursery is a decent genre picture and has one particular image which I found slightly distasteful and disturbing which is excellent.

  • Directors Jay Sapiro and Christopher A. Micklos