Take Shelter

Curtis LaForche (Michael Shannon) is a good hard working family man.  He has a loving wife (Jessica Chastain) and a small daughter with hearing difficulties.  Life is pretty good, Curtis has a good job and his wife sells crafts that she makes at home.

Unfortunately Curtis begins to had vivid nightmares and visions of an impending devastating storm.  It seriously affects his health and begins to break down mentally and physically.

Well I’m going to leave there because if I rattle on anymore I’ll give the whole film away.  All I can say is just watch it as you will experience a quite brilliant piece of cinema with a magnificent performance by Michael Shannon as the unravelling Curtis.  Jessica Chastain is equally good in an early role but this is Shannon’s film and his acting is off the chart.

It’s all a bit heavy but don’t let that put you off as director Jeff Nichols crafts a fine film oozing with quality performances, a great original story and assured direction.  Made at the turn of the decade Nichols has gone on to make Midnight Special amongst others and is a very capable chap of getting terrific performances out of his performers.

It’s a nicely put together release with plenty of extra material including deleted scenes, interviews at the time of release and an up to date chat with director Nichols as well as a funky book with writings about the film.

Simply put, a really great movie and worthy of everyone’s attention.

  • Starring Michael Shannon  Jessica Chastain  Kathy Baker
  • Director Jeff Nichols
  • Distributor Second Sight