Patty Bladell is your typical teenager in an American High School, unfortunately she’s overweight and is constantly bullied by the pupils calling her ‘Fatty Patty’ amongst other horrible names.  She has a loyal best friend Nonnie which is pretty good as she hasn’t the most stable homelife.  One evening she gets into an altercation with a homeless guy and ends up with a broken jaw.  After three months with her jaw wired up and on a strict fluid diet, she loses around 90 pounds and literally transforms into a different girl.  Insatiable is her story.

However whilst she appears to be happy with her new look she craves revenge for those that wronged her and by a twist of fate she becomes entangled with Bob Armstrong Jr. a local lawyer who is obsessed with beauty pageants.  Bob is a ‘pageant coach’ and convinces Patty to become his protege, so he can live his life’s dream.  Bob has a social climbing wife and is constantly being belittled by another Bob (Barnard) the town DA who seems on the surface to have the perfect life.

Insatiable, even before it hit Netflix had a lot of bad publicity with your usual bunch of moaners and snowflakes calling it out for ‘fat shaming’ the main character and saying it projects poor role models.  Whilst I won’t enter into the argument (even though I’m a bit of a fat bloke myself), I will judge it on it’s merits as a piece of entertainment.

Insatiable is very well written with all the main characters well developed over the 12 episode season.  The show has plenty of supporting characters who fly in and out of the story and whilst they’re not as fully fleshed out (sorry) as the likes of Patty and Bob they serve the storylines well.  You get the impression at the beginning it’s going be quite dark especially when Patty meets the homeless guy again (and her plans for him) but as the season progresses it goes way over the top (in a good way) and there are some seriously preposterous storylines that on paper look totally stupid but are really quite brilliant.  It’s also very funny (ignore what some high brow critics say) and some of the humour can be a little cruel which is definitely right up my street.

Some of the story’s twists and turns can be read a mile off but there’s plenty going on elsewhere as the whole show has a twisted soap opera vibe about it.  There isn’t a poor performance amongst the cast with obviously Debby Ryan and Dallas Roberts shining as Patty and Bob.  The supporting cast are equally as good and there are some great smaller characters to enjoy amongst them Paster Mike and would be beauty queen, the immensely annoying squeaky voiced Dixie Sinclair who will annoy you so much, you are desperate for bad things to happen to her.  The cast is full of stereotypes, fat girl, hot girl, handsome dude, bad boy, over sexed Mom but a lot of the best comedies are packed with these so laugh along with them as many great ones have done so in the past.  On a final note, a lot of the characters do empower themselves to do stuff no matter how ridiculous some of the situations are so cheer them along and don’t read into it too much.

Forget the bad press (by no doubt a lot of people jumping on the bandwagon) and make your mind up for yourself, I watched the entire season in less than a day so I can’t give it a higher recommendation than that.  I hope it’s successful so Netflix can ignore the miserable bastards and give it a second season.  Twisted, a bit dark, camp, bonkers, hilarious and at times quite moving and sweet.

It’s not real life people but pure unadulterated escapism with some nice messages if a little distorted, I loved it.

  • Starring Debby Ryan  Dallas Roberts  Kimmy Shields  Christopher Gorham  Alyssa Milano
  • Now streaming on Netflix