H.P. Lovecraft’s Dagon

Based in part on the Lovecraft classic tale “The Shadow Over Innsmouth” and borrowing the title from another Lovecraft story, Dagon is all about two rich couples who stumble upon a weird fish worshipping cult in a small Spanish coastal town.

When his boat apparently hits something and starts to take on water Howard stays behind on the yacht with his other half Vicki whilst his friend Paul and his girlfriend Barbara jump into a dinghy and row towards shore.  The town is rain swept and soon after getting onto the dock they are approached by a sinister looking fella who offers help.  Using a local’s boat Paul goes back to Howard’s yacht but no one is there and when he goes to the rundown town hotel Barbara has disappeared.

It doesn’t take a genius to work out something isn’t quite right with the town of Imboca and when Paul is attacked by some of the oddest looking people committed to film it materialises the locals aren’t quite human and worship a fish god named Dagon.

Helped by the only normal person left in town Paul has to rescue Barbara and find out where his other two friends are.  Getting in his way are some of the ugliest and most deranged individuals around as well a creepy (and pretty sexy) mermaid type who Paul has been having some pretty vivid dreams about.

Dagon is a return to the work of H.P. Lovecraft for director Stuart Gordon, writer Dennis Paoli and producer Brian Yuzna.  It’s a well crafted and incredibly atmospheric horror movie for adults with plenty of gore and some very smart make-up effects.  Shooting on location in Spain certainly adds to the film as a lot of the locations have probably never been seen before and Gordon takes full advantage of this.

It’s obviously a bit barmy with fish people running around with gills but it is played deadly seriously (with a few bits of humour thrown in to lighten the dark tone) and Gordon shows us once again he’s one of horror cinema’s greatest living directors.

Disturbing stuff (at times) but essential for those who appreciate quality genre film-making.

  • Starring Ezra Godden  Macarena Gomez  Francisco Rabal  Raquel Merono
  • Director Stuart Gordon
  • Distributor Umbrella Entertainment