Bachelor Party

Rick Gassko (Tom Hanks) is getting hitched to the love of his life, the beautiful Debbie played by hot 80’s babe Tawny (Witchboard) Kitaen.  His friends think he’s an idiot but as all good pals do, they decide to throw him a bachelor party (the US version of our very own stag night).  His best friend Jay hires a ridiculously expensive hotel suite, another one goes and gets the hookers and an old mate from high school turns up after years away, broken hearted and high as a kite on drugs.

Debbie comes from a rich family and with Rick not coming from their ‘world’ her father is concerned if they have kids “they might be little assholes”.  He makes a plan with Debbie’s slimy ex Cole to split the pair up and throughout the film Cole tries all kinds of elaborate schemes to succeed at this.

The film contains countless hysterical scenes including a drug taking donkey (Max the Magical Sexual Mule), very (these days but not to me) un-PC humour and possibly one of 80’s cinema’s funniest scenes where Chippendale Mr. Nicholas pops his old chap in a hot dog bun and serves it up to Debbie’s Mum.

The whole cast are obviously enjoying themselves with Hanks showing that early leading man promise where he is now one of cinema’s all time acting greats.  His character of Rick is so likeable as are all his friends including the American Ninja himself Michael Dudikoff.

Yes, it’s incredibly crude but at the end of the day it’s still funny after all these years.  I saw it back around the mid 80’s on video and instantly adored it.  The whinging snowflakes today won’t enjoy it’s appeal due to their general lack of humour and will no doubt bleat about it being offensive.  Screw ’em its a total riot and there is rarely a dull moment with gag after gag throughout it’s running time.

Throughly suitable for anyone who appreciates a good laugh, miserable bastards can stay away.

  • Starring Tom Hanks  Tawny Kitaen  George Grizzard  William Tepper  Adrian Zmed
  • Director Neal Israel