Carnivore: Werewolf of London

Loved-up couple Dave and Abi head out into the country for a nice weekend.  Dave has booked a cottage over the Internet and when they arrive they are greeted by a Farmer Giles type.  In the brief pre-credits sequence we see a poor soul fall victim to a mysterious creature, so begins Carnivore.

Alone and isolated, it’s only fitting Dave gets his ‘romantic head’ on in between a couple of rigorous shagging sessions and has a surprise in store for Abi.  Not quite going to plan, everything soon goes tits-up when there are fleeting glimpses of something flashing past the windows.  It soon materialises that there is a werewolf prowling and howling around outside.

The couple have to fight for their very lives as there is no mobile signal, no land line and for some reason all the windows in the cottage are nailed shut.

Carnivore is one hell of a fun picture.  Relatively played straight but with plenty of winking at the audience and some great ‘fang’ in cheek humour.  The actual werewolf is of the ‘bloke in a suit’ type and somehow is unnerving and a bit hokey at the same time.  I’m a sucker for this type of werewolf and with him running around and banging on the cottage roof, it’s quite a formable sight.

The two leads are great with male lead (and co-producer) Ben Loyd-Holmes in great shape, so he finds excuses to keep taking his shirt off to show his bod.  Abi (his girlfriend) is played by Atlanta Johnson who has a great scream and again like Ben is easy on the eye.  Both actors are clearly enjoying themselves and the sight of Loyd-Holmes armed with a rolling pin to fend off a werewolf is possibly one of the greatest images I’ve seen in a film in ages.

Director Simon Wells has got the balance right with the horror and some comedy, laying on the gore when needed as well.  Even though the title is slightly misleading (the film is bookended with London sequences) it’s definitely worth your time and I hope the film is a success as a sequel will be most welcome.

  • Starring Ben Loyd-Holmes  Atlanta Johnson  Gregory Cox  Matthew Bancroft
  • Director Simon Wells
  • Distributor High Fliers