The Entity

Carla Moran is a single mother struggling to make ends meet, she has an on/off boyfriend who is away on business a lot and one evening she is attacked by home which begins a terrifying series of events in The Entity.

Carla is convinced she has been raped by what she can only describe as a presence.  The attacks get more violent and she has to flee her home and seek solace at a friend’s apartment.  When returning home the attacks continue so she seeks help from psychiatrist Dr. Sniederman who frankly isn’t convinced.  Seeing no end to the endless abuse Carla by chance meets a pair of parapsychologists who agree to help.  Sniederman doesn’t believe these so called ‘experts’ can help Carla but she will now try anything to get rid the spirit who is now joined by two others who help in the abuse.

Based on a true life account and adapted by Frank De Felitta from his novel, The Entity is one of the most powerful pieces of supernatural cinema ever made.  The subject matter is unpleasant as is anything to do with sexual abuse but De Felitta and director Sidney J. Furie take it all very seriously and get superb performances from all the cast.  Barbara Hershey as Carla gives one of the best if not the best performance of her career.  She is entirely sympathetic in the role and when the time comes to stand up to the ghostly abuser, she is electrifying.  As the ‘voice of reason’ from a medical standpoint Ron Silver is equally as good as the shrink Sneiderman.  Sceptical at first but he slowly begins to believe everything which is happening is VERY real.

The Entity has a first class thumping soundtrack particularly in the attack scenes, so if you have the equipment please crank that bass up as it’s very unnerving and will seriously mess you up.  The film has in no way lost it’s power to shock and scare you as few films truly disturb me but this one still does.  In fact it still makes me shit myself, thankfully not literally.

One of the best horror films ever made.

  • Starring Barbara Hershey  Ron Silver  Alex Rocco  Margaret Blye  David Labiosa
  • Director Sidney J. Furie
  • Distributor Umbrella Entertainment