Fanged Up

‘Jack the Lad’ Jimmy Ragsdale (a Fright Night reference, perhaps?) has just found himself arrested after starting a fight at the club where he works.  Apparently the police station is full up so Jimmy is transported to a gothic looking prison in the middle of nowhere until after the weekend.  When arriving there is he greeted by a very frightening looking prison guard named Renfield (bet you can’t guess what book/movie that name is from) she informs Jimmy he is sharing a cell with a Russian psychopath named Victor.

At the same time, the prison has a new doctor whose first job is to tend some familiar looking bite marks on one of the inmates.  Elsewhere in the prison the governor has creepy plans for the doctor which involves some form of seedy ritual and before long it all kicks off with only the toughest (or luckiest) will survive.

Fanged Up is a vehicle for the rather funny chap Daniel O’Reilly who you may recognise from his comedic alter ego ‘Dapper Laughs’.  The humour from O’Reilly is of the laddish variety with a dash of good old fashioned British smut which will keep you chuckling along the film’s running time.  The supporting cast is impressive with acting legend Steven Berkoff as the deranged Governor, Ex-Eastender Danielle Harold, Vas Blackwood and ex-WWE wrestler Stu (Wade Barrett) Bennett sporting a Russian accent.  There’s also a couple of funny throwaway lines in the film for WWE fans especially one involving another ex-member of the League of Nations.

The film also has copious amounts of blood and gore especially when the vampires are being picked off by our ‘heroes’.  Being filmed at an actual prison certainly adds to the film’s atmosphere and at no point does the film look cheap bar a couple of dodgy bits of CGI, but we’ll let that slide.  However the prosthetic make up effects are executed well and at times a bit gross which works very well in one particular unpleasant scene.

O’Reilly plays Jimmy as a real multi layered character with his laddish schtick a smokescreen as he is hiding a big secret.  The film however is totally stolen by Stu Bennett who shows a great flair for dead pan comedic delivery and proves WWE really screwed up letting the man formerly known as “Bad News’ walk away.

Fanged Up is a riotous piece of entertainment, totally British and all wrapped up in a nice fetching blood red vampiric bow.

  • Starring Daniel O’Reilly  Stu Bennett  Danielle Harold  Steven Berkoff
  • Director Christian James