The Land That Time Forgot

In the first of Amicus’ Edgar Rice Burroughs adaptions, the savvy producers imported Doug McClure over from Hollywood to play the hero Bowen Tyler opposite a load of British character actors in The Land That Time Forgot one of my all time favourites as a kid.

When a British ship is sunk by a German U-Boat during WWI there are a few survivors who somehow manage to take over the U-Boat responsible for their ship’s demise.  Running out of fuel and lost, they agree a pact to work together (although enemies),  get to a neutral port and be on their way.  Unfortunately for them they come across a unknown continent which time has literally forgot (hence the title) and is occupied by dinosaurs and cavemen.

My first experience of Amicus’ monster pictures was a trip to the pictures with my Dad to see Warlords of Atlantis.  I can’t recall where I first saw ‘Land’, it may have been possibly on a revival showing at the cinema or most likely on television or video on the old EMI label in the small Betamax box.  Whenever it was, it became a favourite of mine growing up.

Of course the effects look pretty dreadful today when comparing them to the likes of Jurassic Park but stop motion dinosaurs and puppets hold a place in my heart and when the movie is so much fun, who cares?  McClure is a good hard man lead, John McEnery (apparently dubbed in pre-production) plays a sneery German and Susan Penhaligon is the token beautiful damsel in distress.  There’s also smaller roles for Keith Barron and Anthony ‘The Master from Dr. Who” Ainley.

The Blu-ray’s picture and sound is of good quality and one would imagine it hasn’t looked this good since the 70’s cinema release but then you would have to watched it through all the fag smoke at your local cinema.  Seeing it in a pollution free environment at home is far more pleasant unless you do smoke of course.

The Land That Time Forgot is a little belter from days gone by and terrific entertainment for old farts like me who want to reminisce about their youth.  It’s also quite suitable for kids of today, it might not have ground breaking effects but tell them people get eaten by dinosaurs in it and they’re lap it up I reckon.

  • Starring Doug McClure  John McEnery  Keith Barron  Susan Penhaligon
  • Director Kevin Connor
  • Distributor Umbrella Entertainment