The Endless

Justin and Aaron are a couple of brothers drifting through their adult life.  When they were younger they managed to flee from a ‘cult’ but Aaron feels he needs to visit the people they left behind, Justin finally gives in and this where The Endless begins.

The brothers had been acquiring old school video tapes of the alleged cult and this was partly responsible for Aaron’s continued fascination with the life they left behind.  They finally arrive at the camp where they are warmly greeted by the people still there who some they know.  Aaron was the younger of the two and his recollection of their life there isn’t as good as Justin’s.  Of course you know something isn’t right from the minute they step foot inside the so called ‘cult’ but it all seems okay if a little far out and weird.

This is where I’ll leave the film now as The Endless is one of those movies that has to be watched to be fully appreciated and no review can really do it justice.  It is certainly a genre crossing picture in which the stars and directors (Justin Benson and Aaron Moorhead) show considerable flair and talent crafting something which will ‘do your head in’ but in a good way.

What could have been a typical ‘weirdo in the woods praying to some deity’ type film The Endless is thankfully not that.  It’s clever, a bit strange, slightly trippy and most importantly intellectually stimulating.  It might not be everyone’s cup of tea but it’s very different and without a doubt a film you should make the effort to seek out.

  • Starring Justin Benson  Aaron Moorhead  Callie Hernandez  James Jordan
  • Directors Aaron Moorhead and Justin Benson