Re-Animator 2 Disc Collectors Edition

Herbert West is a genius, a slightly twisted genius mind you and whilst working with the famous Dr. Gruber in Switzerland he has perfected a syrum to bring the dead back to life.  After Gruber dies in spectacular fashion, West moves to America and takes residence at the Miskatonic University Hospital.  Boarding with star student Dan Cain, Herbert continues his work.

Re-Animator is a classic of the genre, in fact it’s a classic film of any genre.  First time director Stuart Gordon has fashioned the ultimate horror-black comedy and became a legendary film maker in the process.

Umbrella Entertainment’s release presents an impressive blu-ray of the film with stacks of extras spread across two discs.  These include Extended scenes, commentary, a chat with composer Richard Band and a nice retrospective documentary.

The jewel in the crown however is the inclusion of the integral version which adds various scenes cut from the original cinema release, but put back in for TV versions and censored video releases.  Most importantly all the lovely gore is still there and intact which includes poor old Dr. Hill stumbling around with his head in the tray and of course the OTT finale where we apparently saw the demise of Herbert.  With the extended stuff there’s a whole sub plot going on involving Hill’s hypnosis powers which is bloody creepy, so credit to David Gale creating a real scary dude.  Real fans of the film will notice the bits added in and it’s nice to have this version on another disc so we can always have that choice to watch whatever one we want.

You could go on all day quoting lines and scenes from the film but bless Barbara Crampton for being in the infamous ‘head’ sequence.  It’s still a bit wrong all these years later but funny and disturbing as well.

Re-Animator is a film you can really never tire of, it’s hilarious, gross, twisted, well made, that terrific score and most of all every performance is spot on.  As mentioned above Stuart Gordon really hit the ground running with this and has continued to make interesting and decent films ever since.

A quality movie(s) all wrapped up in a fantastic presentation with some alternative artworks on the sleeve as well.  A bit of a no-brainer really.

  • Starring Jeffrey Combs  Barbara Crampton  Bruce Abbott  David Gale
  • Director Stuart Gordon
  • Distributor Umbrella Entertainment