Wrestlemania 34

Coming from New Orleans, this year’s Wrestlemania was the 34th spectacle from the WWE and with the pre-show included the actual event was the best part of seven hours.

Fremantle’s home video release spread across 3 DVD’s and two Blu-rays is rammed full of sexy WWE goodness including the whole card as well as the Hall of Fame ceremony.  Exclusively from WWE Home Video’s website is the full NXT Takeover event as an extra disc.

Of course there’s a few ropey matches or ‘fillers’ you could say but there is plenty of great stuff to enjoy including The Undertaker dominating John Cena (hooray!!), the return of Daniel Bryan and Brock Lesnar making poor old Roman bleed like a slaughtered animal.  Somehow although the crowd didn’t like the match, I bet they enjoyed that.

Overall, outstanding value for money but there have been better ‘manias and perhaps it was a little too long.  Best match of the night though in my opinion was Charlotte Flair vs. Asuka which should have gone on last, now that was wrestling.

  • Starring Nia Jax  The Miz  Luke Harper  Braun Strowman and not enough of Becky Lynch
  • Distributor WWE/Fremantle