The Old Dark House

For years considered a ‘lost’ film The Old Dark House is directed by James Whale the extremely talented fellow behind The Bride of Frankenstein who was the subject of Bill Condon’s film Gods and Monsters starring Ian McKellen.

Travelling through Wales a group of people have to take shelter in a mysterious house during a storm.  Of course you know it isn’t any old house when Boris Karloff is your butler.  Based on JB Priestley’s novel the film is essentially a comedy with 30’s horror tones mixed in.

Eureka’s Blu-ray licensed from the Cohen Group gives the film a look it hasn’t seen probably since it’s debut back in the 1930’s.  There’s commentaries from various people including one of it’s stars Gloria Stuart and a nice mini interview with Curtis Harrington the director responsible for the rediscovery of the film from Universal’s vaults and a personal friend of Whale.  Also, is a chat with Boris Karloff’s daughter Sara.