Fair Game (1986)

Jessica is a beautiful young woman living in the Australian outback.  She runs along with her husband a wildlife sanctuary who unfortunately is away when some hunters decide to infiltrate her land and make her Fair Game.

The three hunters (Sunny, Ringo and Sparks) are basically the Australian version of the great American Redneck apart from Sunny who whilst a horrible bastard is not a half-wit like the other two.  Jessica obviously isn’t happy about the threesome shooting innocent animals and has several run-ins with them before it all turns really nasty.

Fair Game is a simple revenge story but with it’s Australian setting and the fact that that our hero (or heroine) is actually a woman makes it a refreshing change.  Whilst at times you may think Jessica seems a bit soft but she sure knows how to turn it on hardcore when fighting back against the scumbags.

The film is reasonably violent but it’s a story high on action with various traps set by Jess whilst getting her well deserved revenge.  The only real troubling scene is when they humiliate her and tie her to the front of their monster truck.  Whilst not overly explicit, it’s a bit vile and after that you really cheer her on as she gives them their just deserts.

All four main cast members are great with lead Cassandra Delaney doing brilliantly as the extremely hot (and not just because of the heat) Jessica.   In particular one of the villains Ringo does bit of early 80’s parkour jumping around rooftops and barns like he’s Spider-Man or Iron Monkey.

The Blu-ray is bursting with quality extras including a commentary, some mid 80’s news report footage and a huge amount of stills amongst other goodies.

Over 30 years old and this was the first time I’d ever seen Fair Game.  I’m really glad I have and it comes recommended.

  • Starring Cassandra Delaney  Garry Who  Peter Ford  David Sandford
  • Director Mario Andreacchio
  • Distributor Umbrella