Dark Blue

Set against the backdrop of the Rodney King trial in Los Angeles (which result was instrumental for the LA riots) Dark Blue is a deadly serious police drama featuring a great cast led by Kurt Russell.

Russell plays Eldon Perry, a sergeant in the LAPD who has a new young partner Keough who is in fact a relative of his boss Commander Van Meter (Brendan Gleeson).  Both Perry and Keough are being investigated where a suspect was shot dead and at the same time there is an armed robbery going down at a local convenience owned by a Korean chap called Kim.  The Deputy Chief (Ving Rhames) isn’t convinced by Perry’s version of events but he is overidden by his colleagues who believe Perry’s story of the shooting.  Cleared of any wrong doing, they are asked by Van Meter to investigate the robbery.

Whilst Perry isn’t the most honest of cops he is told to find some ‘suspects’ for the robbery and subsequent shootings as the real perps are working for Van Meter who is a seriously corrupt dude.

Dark Blue shows the ugly side of early 90’s LA policing with corruption rife and the cops doing ‘shakedowns’ on the city’s black citizens.  Kurt Russell has never been better and he is supported by a fine bunch of thespians including the mentioned above as well as Scott Speedman and veteran dirtbag actor Jonathan Banks.

Arrow have included a nice bunch of archival extras on the disc and the Blu-ray transfer looks (and sounds) really great with it’s California based locations.

Whilst the unsavoury subject matter is disturbing (corruption, fitting up innocent people) director Ron Shelton crafts a superb piece of cinema and the film comes recommended especially if you missed it first time around.

  • Starring Kurt Russell  Brendan Gleeson  Scott Speedman  Michael Michele
  • Director Ron Shelton