Acts of Vengeance

Frank Valera is a workaholic lawyer who whilst loves his wife and daughter hasn’t much time for them as he is always seems to be working.  His daughter is taking part in a school play and as per normal Frank gets tied up at work and is then stuck in traffic whilst trying to get to the school.

A video of his daughter singing has been sent to his mobile phone by his wife but they have yet to come home and Frank becomes desperately worried.  His worst fears are realised when there is a knock on the door and it’s been revealed his wife and daughter have been murdered and dumped in a drain.  At the funeral his Father-in-Law disowns him and as you would expect Frank is a broken man.

No leads to the murder are found and the case is declared ‘cold’ this pushes the grieving lawyer over the edge and he becomes a one man revenge machine determined to find his family’s killers.

This type of film has been done a million times before and the whole film reeks of ‘Death Wish’.  Of course nothing can hold a candle to the Bronson classics but this film is far better than the appalling remake with Bruce Willis.  It also helps that Antonio Banderas playing Frank turns in a really good tortured performance which is miles ahead of Willis’ wimpy Paul Kersey.

Lots of fighting and shooting is the order of the day and Banderas is backed up well by Karl Urban playing a street cop.  Acts of Vengeance is another in the long line of Millennium’s Bulgaria shot modern day ‘Cannon’esque’ films and whilst it won’t set the cinema world alight, director Isaac Florentine has crafted a pretty entertaining action picture which doesn’t outstay it’s welcome.

  • Starring Antonio Banderas  Robert Forster  Karl Urban  Paz Vega
  • Director Isaac Florentine