The Jurassic Games

About 30 odd years into the future, the biggest television show in the world is The Jurassic Games.  The producers have their pick of death row inmates who wish to enter the games in order to get a full pardon for their heinous crimes.

The TV show is immensely popular but there is a growing backlash against what they see as exploitation of the inmates by the peace loving ‘Cavemen’.  The obnoxious host of the show isn’t concerned and the executive producer is only concerned with ratings.  However these so called cavemen have a plan.

There are ten contestants this year featuring a varied bunch of psychos, a cannibal and a supposedly innocent man who was convicted of his wife’s murder.  Whilst the title obviously gives away the fact there are dinosaurs involved, there is a refreshing twist to it all.  The dinosaurs aren’t real and the players are placed in a VR simulation and if they die in the ‘game’ they receive a lethal injection and therefore are executed for their crimes.  This doesn’t mean that you don’t see plenty of carnage but it is a clever way of explaining the dinosaurs instead of the old DNA science stuff associated with a certain blockbuster film series started by a certain Mr. Spielberg.

Of course The Jurassic Games’ special effects aren’t up to the standards of those afore mentioned movies but the CGI is effective and is certainly a lot better than the cheesy SyFy ‘epics’ featuring lavalantulas and other scary critters.  The fact that the film has some nice sets and plenty of location shooting really helps as well.  Director and co-writer Ryan Bellgardt was responsible for the terrific Gremlin and has brought a couple of those film’s stars along for the ride.  He must be highly commended for what is a cinema first, a martial arts fight between a dude with nunchuks and ‘raptors.  It sounds stupid but it’s pulled off very well although you know there could be only one outcome.

Jurassic Games is derivative for sure but it’s got dinosaurs in it eating people, what’s not to like?  Think of it as a cool cross between The Running Man and The Condemned.  Oh, did I mention it’s got dinosaurs eating people in it.  Good old fashioned escapism.

  • Starring Ryan Merriman  Adam Hampton  Perrey Reeves  Katie Burgess
  • Director Ryan Bellgardt