Looking Glass

Looking Glass is the latest film starring Nicolas Cage whose movie output is rivalling Donald Pleasance in his heyday.  This time around Cage portrays Ray a grieving Father who along with his wife Maggie played by Robin Tunney have moved out of the city to start a new life.

Answering an advert on Craigslist, Ray and Maggie have purchased a motel in a small desert town from its elusive owner a guy by the name of Ben.  The hotel seems fine as it comes complete with living quarters and a regular clientele but there is something Ray will soon discover that will change his life forever.

Whilst poking around in the basement he discovers a cubby hole and he decides to investigate.  It leads him to a two way mirror looking into one of the rooms where he soon likes what he sees.  The motel was previously the sight of an unexplained death and the local sheriff is determined to solve it.  The elusive Ben has disappeared off the face of the earth and Ray is beginning to like watching people through the mirror a bit too much.

As the film progressed I began to think where I had seen this two way mirror/motel premise before.  After racking my brain I remembered there is a documentary on Netflix about some dude who for years spied on his guests at his motel, it’s pretty interesting so check it out.

Whilst Looking Glass is hardly Cage’s finest hour, its a pretty neat thriller which I was surprised had received an ’18’ then the pervy stuff starts about halfway in.  It’s well acted as you expect from Cage (and Tunney) and it has that nice ‘mysterious small town vibe’ complete with local weirdos and the nosey sheriff.

It certainly passed 90 minutes away and is worth your time, its no classic but certainly not as bad as some people have made out.  The voyeur aspect also makes it a bit unique as well.

  • Starring Nicolas Cage  Robin Tunney  Marc Blucas  Ernie Lively
  • Director Tim Hunter