Lies We Tell

Incredibly rich philanthropist Demi (Harvey Keitel) has a nice bit on the side, Amber a beautiful lawyer who he keeps stashed away in one of his secret properties.  Unfortunately Demi drops dead and leaves instructions to his trusted driver to make sure no one finds out about her.

Of course it’s not as nasty as it seems and his driver Donald (Gabriel Byrne) must just get rid of any evidence of the affair which includes some incriminating footage on Demi’s mobile.  The mistress Amber comes from a strict Muslim family and her ex-husband is a bit of a psycho who is involved in sorts of dodgy dealings.  Donald sees fit to try and help Amber get on with her life but with her family’s traditional values butting heads with her modern ways, there is only heartache and tragedy on the horizon.

Lies We Tell is a serious drama covering plenty of serious subjects such as loss, religion and abuse.  None of it is exploitative and is handled with plenty of care by director Mitu Misra.  All the performances from the cast are excellent with the Australian actress Sybylla Deen excelling as Amber.  There’s plenty of familiar British acting talent popping up including Mark Addy and Gina McKee but it’s Been and Bryne’s film all the way as they are both outstandingly good.

A real nice change from the usual films I watch and one which I heartily recommend.  It’s a bit heavy but worth it as I can’t keep watching things blow up all the time.

  • Starring Gabriel Bryne  Mark Addy  Harvey Keitel. Sybylla Deen
  • Director Mitu Misra
  • Distributor Bradford International