Accident Man

Based on the comic co-created by Pat Mills (one of the chaps behind 2000AD’s Judge Dredd) Accident Man is all about Mike Fallon, a London hitman who specialises in assassinations that look like accidents hence the title.

Mike works out of an assassin only pub ran by Big Ray an ex-hitman himself who has now retired and has the new generation as his clientele with the kills being set up by Milton, a squirmy little American played by David Paymer.  Mike is nursing a bit of a broken heart as the love of his life ran off with another woman and he’s just found out that she has been murdered.  The murder was supposedly carried by a couple of drug addicts but something doesn’t add up and Mike begins to poke around.  Doing so, he begins to piss off a lot of people and soon has a target on his back.

Packed full of fighting, shooting and splashings of humour, Accident Man is a rare beast, a 100% British comic book movie and an enjoyable one at that.  Our very own Scott Adkins plays Fallon and the producers has roped in some serious supporting talent.  They include Ray (Punisher: War Zone) Stevenson, Michael (Spawn) Jai White, Ashley (Twilight) Greene, Amy (Female Fight Club) Johnston and Darth Maul himself, Ray Park.  The movie has a nice vibe going throughout as Adkins’ Fallon narrates where he introduces characters and gives you plenty of backstory creating a nice ‘comic’ atmosphere.

Accident Man is pure escapism with all the essential ingredients such as fighting, shooting and laughs.  Will it change the landscape of cinema?  No it won’t but what it does do is give you the best part of an hour and a half of good old fashioned action entertainment which is always welcome when armed with a beverage and some good grub.

  • Starring Scott Adkins  Ray Park  Ray Stevenson  Nick Moran  Perry Benson
  • Director Jesse V. Johnson
  • Distributor Sony