Primal Rage

Max Carr has just been released from prison after serving just over a year, his wife Ashley is waiting for him and they begin the long drive back home through the forests of America’s Pacific Northwest.  They stop over at a gas station and convenience store (you know the sort of place that only exists in Wrong Turn movies) and bump into the local rednecks who are setting out on a hunting trip.

Max and Ashley continue on their journey but swerve to avoid an object in the road, pulling over thinking they’d hit something they soon discover it’s not roadkill but a mangled corpse.  At the same time the local sheriff has been investigating a disappearance and the gas station’s owner tells him it’s ‘Bigfoot’.  As Ashley decides to call the police, Max is bombarded by rocks and gets knocked down a ravine, where he soon falls into the river.

Primal Rage marks the directorial debut of prolific special effects artist Patrick Magee whose resume includes Spider-Man and Jurassic Park III.  Magee who also co-wrote the script has put together some lush visuals due to the on location filming in the California forests which gives the film a real beautiful look.  Whilst the script does seem to be at the beginning a bit generic i.e. gas stations in the middle of nowhere, rednecks, etc. once the creature makes an appearance it becomes much more than a Bigfoot rampage in the woods movie and for all the good reasons a little ‘Predator’esque’.

This Bigfoot is seriously hardcore and kills in a most gruesome fashion.  Throw in some Native American mysticism, good performances, some laughs, plenty of gore, a scary old hag living a shack and you have a real rollercoaster of a movie which is bags of fun and constantly entertaining.

A real blast and immensely enjoyable.

  • Starring Casey Gagliardi  Andrew Joseph Montgomery  Eloy Casados  Shannon Malone
  • Director Patrick Magee