Scary clown films are two-a-penny these days with the new IT being really the only decent one out there. Step forward Art the Clown who is the latest painted faced fellow to try and take on Pennywise.  Believe me Terrifier gives old Mr. ‘Float Down Here” a bit of a run for his money.

It’s Halloween night and two friends are out celebrating, they stop off for something to eat in a local pizza joint and whilst there they are greeted by a sinister looking clown who presides to be incredibly creepy and annoy the owner.  It’s not long before the clown begins to terrorise the two girls and as their car has broken down they contact a family member to pick them up.

That’s as far as you’re going to get from me the plot of Terrifier, although it starts out a pretty generic horror film it drifts off into areas which you don’t expect and I guarantee you will be grossed out at least once.  As someone who watched the Italian cannibal movies in my teens (which hardened me up somewhat for on screen violence), one particular scene in this film made me actually squirm and turn away which hasn’t happened to me for a very long time.  So I commend director Damien Leone for this as he is in the company of a very select few film makers who have successfully made me wince.

Art the Clown popped up before in the anthology film All Hallows ‘Eve (check it out) but Terrifier is all about him and believe me it certainly is.  He is a vile looking chap thanks to the great make-up and is one sadistic despicable bastard.  His kills aren’t quick and they certainly aren’t pleasant.  The gore and blood is plentiful which will satisfy fans of old school make-up effects.  Although I would imagine the film obviously was made fairly cheaply, it is in no way a bargain basement looking picture.  It’s incredibly polished, well acted and most importantly incredibly entertaining with some good plot twists if non stop carnage, sadism, good looking ladies and clowns are your thing.

Please support this fine horror film and if success comes it’s way, hopefully Art will make a return as he’s definitely a character I would like to see more of.  Brilliantly disturbing for all the right reasons, I’m pretty sure this film will f**k a lot of people up, excellent!!

  • Starring David Howard Thornton  Jenna Kanell  Catherine Corcoran
  • Director Damien Leone
  • Distributor Signature