Female Fight Club

With a dreadful generic title (obviously chosen from a marketing point of view) the film doesn’t install much faith but with a co-starring role for Dolph Lundgren I was curious to see what it was like.

Having quite a hammering from critics you would expect the worst and whilst it’s not the greatest film ever made, it’s certainly not as bad as some have said.

Telling you the story of a former fighter who has returned to her roots to reconnect with her sister, the film is a showcase for stunt woman and a lady who could seriously kick your ass for real Amy Johnston.  Dolph plays her Dad who is banged up in prison and just when you think Dolph is there to lend some star power, he has a great fight beating the living shit out of some goons.

Plot wise, it’s fairly unoriginal as Johnston’s character doesn’t want anything to do with her own life but is forced back into it to help her sister.  We have some training segments and the actual bouts in the ‘fight club’ are done pretty good as well.  The villain of the piece is a bit of a hipster type, so immediately I wanted to smash his face in.

Johnston previously starred in Chris Nahon’s Lady Bloodfight which was good fun and she has a huge amount of stunt credits in Marvel films as well.  She can fight, a pretty good actress and is incredibly attractive which let’s face it are good ingredients to do well in the film business.  Lets hope she get some more roles to sink her teeth in as we all can do with more female action stars.

I enjoyed it whilst it lasted, so grab some junk food, a drink of your choice and relax and attend the Female Fight Club.

  • Starring Amy Johnston  Dolph Lundgren  Cortney Palm  Rey Goyos
  • Director Miguel A. Ferrer