Keep Watching

Talk about a brutal start to a film, we are informed that there has been a murder and it has been watched by countless people when broadcast live over the internet.  Also, one of the family members is missing and we then cut to a different family returning home after a holiday.

They are unaware that there entire house has been wired up with cameras whilst away and sinister individuals are watching their every move.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out they’re the next bunch of people for the chop and soon enough they are fighting for their lives.

There is plenty to keep you busy with Keep Watching as you’re never quite sure when the psycho will turn up and who is going to be butchered.  The cast is pretty decent with Hornblower himself Ioan Gruffudd as the Dad, Chandler Riggs from The Walking Dead and Bella Thorne in the token daughter role who get spied on when she undresses.  It’s well made and cleverly edited with some tense scenes every now and then.

The competition for these types of films and horror in general is pretty fierce and Keep Watching does actually live up to his name with a decent twist at the end.  It’s not amazing but not an entire waste of time but there are better films out there.

  • Starring Natalie Martinez   Ioan Gruffudd  Bella Thorne  Chandler Riggs
  • Director Sean Carter
  • Distributor Sony