It’s been 10 years (in film time) since the exploits of John ‘Jigsaw’ Kramer.  Seasoned criminal Edgar Munsen is being pursued by the police department and has been tasked to save lives after receiving a message apparently from Kramer but is shot by the police before he can speak.

When a film is called ‘The Final Chapter’ you know damn well that’s not true (i.e. Friday the 13th) but seven years have passed since Twisted Pictures and Lionsgate have unleashed a new SAW film on us, so is it worth the effort?

After the shooting of Munsen, we cut to a familiar site of five strangers in a room. They are all chained up with metal buckets on their head and the unnerving voice of Jigsaw is then heard.  The chains begin to pull them towards blades, who will confess to their sins?  The games have begun…

Tobin Bell returns as Kramer and although doesn’t show up physically until later in the movie, his presence is felt by his sinister tones and return of the creepy puppet Billy (and the pig’s head).  We have an all new cast which includes Laura Vandervoort who was Supergirl in ‘Smallville’ and an Aussie actor called Matt Passmore who began his career in the Australian version of our very own Play School.  That makes him a legend in my books.  Passmore is the coroner who has the lovely job of examining Jigsaw’s victims.

The SAW series was known for it’s excessive gore and elaborate traps.  As the film makers confirm on the feature length ‘making of’ on the disc, the blood and guts was cut back so they could concentrate on suspense and story.  This actually works as the traps are as good as ever and it is more of ‘thriller’ than normal which pays off very well in the finale.

Jigsaw is a worthy successor to the original film series created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell.  Whilst both gentlemen have long since left the franchise, this film was successful enough I hope for a further sequel if the creative forces behind this one stay on board.

I liked it, so if John Kramer and Billy float your boat don’t hesitate a moment and pick a copy up when it is released on the 26th of February on DVD and Blu-ray.

  • Starring Tobin Bell  Matt Passmore  Callum Keith Rennie  Hannah Emily Anderson
  • Directors The Spierig Brothers
  • Distributor Lionsgate