The Lullaby aka Siembamba

Teenage runaway Chloe van Heerden has returned home pregnant and The Lullaby (formerly known as Siembamba) starts with Chloe giving birth to her son Liam.  Glad to have her daughter back, her mother Ruby welcomes both of them into her lives and lets Chloe move back in with Liam.

Of course with Chloe being no more than a bit of a kid, she finds motherhood traumatic (in part due to a difficult birth) and exhausting.  With Ruby a working parent, Chloe is often home alone with Liam and with his constant crying is becoming exhausted.

Of course matters aren’t helped when she starts to see visions of herself hurting Liam by various means and also a dark hooded figure.  Her mother goes to see Dr. Reed her therapist and after discussing her concerns, he asks to see the young mum.  Dr. Reed is convinced he can help Chloe but he has to get her to ‘open up’.  This proves problematic as the visions are getting worse including some which features the actual death of Liam.

The Lullaby is a South African shot horror which has a simply exceptional lead performance from it’s young lead Reine Swart.  Her acting is totally convincing and her gradual descent into despair is handled brilliantly by not only the film makers but her thespian skills.  The film features a number of disturbing scenes which even got me on edge which is a huge achievement in itself.  Whilst initially I was somewhat sceptical of the film as it features a generic cloaked figure doing scary stuff, the real frights come from Swart’s totally believable acting especially when involving the kid which could deeply upset you especially if you’re a parent or a wannabe Mum or Dad.

However please don’t let this put you off as The Lullaby is easily one of the most messed up and scariest films I’ve seen in ages.  It left me with a sense of dread after the credits had rolled and a couple of scenes are still getting to me as I write this review.

Totally and utterly fantastic in all the best ways how a horror film should make you feel, i.e. scaring you shitless and making you cringe as you watch it.

  • Starring Reine Swart  Brandon Auret  Thandi Puren  Deanre Reiners
  • Director Darrell Roodt