Hell’s Kitty

Nick is a struggling screenwriter living in Hollywood with only his cat Angel for company.  He gets his fair share of the ladies but unfortunately Angel takes a serious dislike to any prospective female companions so Nick’s love life is rather barren.

His best buddy downstairs says the cat is possessed which Nick thinks is impossible but when events start to occur which have no real explanation he begins to think there is something evil about Angel.

Culled from a web series Hell’s Kitty is one seriously deranged (in a great way) and hilarious film.  The original shorts have been put together with a series of sequences where Nick is explaining what has been happening to him.  There are countless homages to various horror films spread throughout the picture and it is incredibly fun spotting the genre legends that have been roped in for some guest appearances.  They include Adrienne Barbeau, Michael Berryman and even a couple of actors portraying their iconic roles from a 1980’s horror classic which I’ll let you discover.

The humour is suitably bonkers with plenty of dry and crude one liners, gross out effects and some really clever editing making the adorable cat seem like the evil’s spawn.  Hell’s Kitty may be low on budget but high on laughs and whilst it may not appeal to everyone, you can’t not enjoy it as it doesn’t take itself seriously and has been made simply to make you chuckle.

  • Starring Nicholas Tana  Adam Rucho  Doug Jones  Lynn Lowry
  • Director Nicholas Tana