The Terrible Two

Albert and Rose Poe are a young couple moving into a new area and are being shown around a prospective new home by smooth talking real estate agent Fred P (what a great name).  Rose is pregnant and the house seems ideal for their future young family so we then fast forward seven years.

A tragic accident has occured at the house where Albert and Rose’s two daughters have died.  It is now a year since then and Albert is trying to hold things together as his wife is gradually losing the plot.  She doesn’t go to work, they’re struggling financially and she has just found a mysterious half completed manuscript in the attic written by the previous owner.

Rose is also hearing voices and when her counsellor (who is also a minister) comes to talk to her, he is seriously spooked out by a presence in the house and bolts out the front door.

The Terrible Two is your standard ghost/evil spirit possession flick which at times has a TV movie feel about it.  However this is in no way a criticism as there is definitely something very watchable about the film.  I’ve seen far too many haunted house/dead kid movies but The Terrible Two whilst not very violent has a really nice sense of dread about it especially the fact I was being creeped out by a children’s trolley which seemed to have a mind of it’s own.

It’s well acted by the two main leads especially Cari Moskow who plays Rose, she is pretty convincing as a Mother pushed to the edge of sanity and the way she handles and looks after her daughter’s china dolls is horrible (in a scary way).  The final act of the film is pretty tense stuff and well put together.

It’s short and snappy as it just gets on with ‘the story’ which is refreshing as sometimes independent films tend to become all ‘arty’ and try to be something they’re not.  The Terrible Two is a neat little chiller with some good subtle scary moments which is definitely helped by those nasty painted kids’ masks.

  • Starring Reid Doyle  Cari Moskow  Donny Boaz  Devin McGee
  • Director Billy Lewis