Flatliners (2017)

Back in 1990 Joel Schumacher made a (note no mention of horror) thriller with the biggest star in the world at that time Julia Roberts along with Kiefer Sutherland (who pops up in this version), Kevin Bacon, Oliver Platt and William Baldwin.  The film was called Flatliners.  Successful at the box office, a lot has changed since Schumacher practically killed his career with Batman and Robin and Hollywood no longer treats horror like a piece of crap especially now after the success of a certain dancing clown.

Sony in their infinite wisdom dusted down the 25 year old film and decided to give it a 21st century remake.  Although the original was no classic, it was enjoyable so how is the 2017 version?

Ellen Page plays Courtney a medical student with a tragic past.  She is obsessed with the afterlife and constantly researches death and speaks to patients on their ‘last legs’.  She asks her friends to revive her after they effectively ‘kill her’ using medical equipment which she has kept hidden away on the hospital basement.  They have difficult bringing her round so they get help from another two students played by Diego (Rogue One) Luna and Nina (The Vampire Diaries) Dobrev.  Of course they all want to try out ‘dying’ but messing with nature causes all sorts of weird occurrences and eventually someone’s gonna die permanently.

I rather liked Schumacher’s original and the remake does change a bit around and throw in a couple of surprises but rather like a dead body it’s at times rather cold.  The performances led by Page and Luna are good so there are no issues in the acting department but it just sort of exists for no real reason than to prove that studios are creatively bankrupt.

It is in no way a bad film and if you haven’t seen the 1990 film, you may enjoy it.  All a bit pointless really, Sony should have spent the money making an original script and used the talented cast and crew for that.

  • Starring Ellen Page  Nina Dobrev  Diego Luna  James Norton  Kiersey Clemons
  • Director Niels Arden Oplev