Kill ’em All

There has been a series of shootings at a hospital where a high level diplomat has been murdered along side a selection of various Eurotrash villains and medical staff.  The FBI led by Peter (Dino Velvet from 8MM) Stormare are interviewing a young nurse Suzanne who is giving her account of the events in Van Damme’s latest blood soaked action pic Kill ’em All.

The FBI seem unconvinced by Suzanne’s story as she survived the shootings and was saved apparently by a mystery man who has been apparently killed.  This mystery man (Van Damme) has a murky past linked to the former Yugoslavia and the events that caused the country to break up.  It turns out Van Damme has a serious axe to grind with the dirt-bags and as Suzanne explains begins to take them all out.

Kill ’em All is a typically entertaining JCVD movie so you get fighting, shooting and disposable bad guys in equal measures.  This one has a half decent story and is well directed by JCVD’s long time buddy and martial arts coordinator Peter Malota.  Jean-Claude’s son pop ups as a bad guy as does the star of the Bloodsport sequels Daniel Bernhardt.

It all zips along at a good pace and there actually are a couple of twists in the story which is unusual for your standard straight to DVD action flick.  JCVD is as always good value and Stormare adds another shady character to his vast repertoire of dodgy individuals.

It won’t change the world but it is good brainless fun to enjoy with a beer and a takeaway or in my case a bowl of cornflakes and a bottle of Dr. Pepper Zero.

  • Starring Jean-Claude Van Damme  Autumn Reeser  Peter Stormare  Maria Conchita Alonso
  • Director Peter Malota
  • Distributor Sony