Wind River

On the Wind River Indian Reservation, local tracker Corey Lambert stumbles upon a frozen body of a young woman.  He recognises the girl and informs the authorities where the local Sheriff (Graham Greene) calls in the FBI.  A young agent from the Las Vegas office arrives totally unprepared for the brutal weather and as she is somewhat inexperienced, asks Corey for help dealing with the community.

Corey used to be married to a local girl and it transpires that he lost his daughter a few years back who was best friends with the dead girl Natalie.  He promises her Father he will track down the men responsible as it turns out she had been assaulted by numerous different men.  Natalie had been seeing an older man who worked out of the oil refinery and it’s him who may hold the key to what happened.

Set in the state of Wyoming (although filmed in Utah) Wind River is a really, really good film.  The two main leads Elizabeth Olsen and Jeremy Renner (that’s Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch to you) are outstanding with legendary Native American actor Graham Greene providing ample support as Ben the local lawman.  To complete the Marvel connection, Jon (The Punisher) Bernthal has a small role.  There’s some beautiful photography and if you have a decent sound system, your speakers will get a nice work-out with the music score (co-composed by Nick Cave) and plentiful gun shots.

If you missed out watching this at the cinema, get your ass in gear and track it down to watch ASAP.  It’s a terrific picture and it’s definitely a film my Dad would have loved.  The Fleapit Cinema has screened some good films in the last couple of weeks and this is without a doubt the best one.

  • Starring Jeremy Renner  Elizabeth Olsen  Graham Greene  Gil Birmingham
  • Director Taylor Sheridan