Eve of Destruction

Dr. Eve Simmons is a brilliant scientist who has designed the ultimate weapon in EVE VIII.  Created in her own image EVE VIII is a miracle of modern (1991) technology and can easily pass off as a human.  Unfortunately due to a mishap the android malfunctions and if it sees anything as a threat it is eliminated.

The government are suitably concerned and call in Jim McQuade (Gregory Hines) the very best of the best in counter terrorism.  He is briefed on what EVE VIII is capable of and is tasked with finishing off the rogue machine.  Along for the ride is Dr. Simmons but she and the shady government types haven’t told McQuade that the robot is a walking nuclear bomb and could detonate when provoked.

Eve of Destruction was released at the beginning of the 90’s in the UK by the sadly now defunct Guild Home Video (see it’s original video cover below) through it’s deal with Nelson Entertainment.  It was if I recall covered in Fangoria as well but for some reason I never got round to watching it.

The film is packed with medium budget action and there are plenty of explosions and shooting.  Both Gregory Hines and Paul Verhoeven regular Renee Soutendijk do well in their roles and veteran slimy character actor Kurt (No Holds Barred) Fuller pops up as dodgy government agent.  There’s a sleazy cowboy type who gets his just deserts in the film, keep an eye out for him as he’s suffers his fate in the best possible way.  It’s well shot by the late Alan Hume, the old school British cinematographer who counts James Bond and Carry On films in his resume as well as Return of the Jedi.  The director of the picture is the fella by the name of Duncan Gibbins who made a lot of music videos featuring the likes of Wham! and Musical Youth.  Sadly he died in a fire a couple of years after this film was made.

Eve of Destruction is a bit of a hoot and zips along at a good pace.  Although it took over 25 years for me to see it, it certainly floated by boat in terms of 90’s action and due to the violence it’s still an ’18’, which in these downgraded certificate days is great.

  • Starring Gregory Hines. Renee Soutendijk  Kevin McCarthy  Michael Greene
  • Director Duncan Gibbins
  • Distributor 88 Films