Slaughterhouse Rock

Made in the mid 1980’s Slaughterhouse Rock has been unseen for a very long time since the home video release and now this ‘classic’ from days gone by can be experienced thanks to it’s HD remastering.

College student Alex Gardner is suffering from serious nightmares in which a mysterious figure does all kind of nasty shit to him.  His brother and room mate are sympathetic to a point but when they witness Alex floating above his bed, they realise strange things are afoot.  Alex’s young’ish and pretty hot college professor shows him an old book featuring satanic goings-on which happened on the spot where Alcatraz island is now in San Francisco.  A few days earlier a band fronted by ‘Mickey’ singer Toni Basil were slaughtered on an Alcatraz tourist trip and one of their songs is haunting Alex in his dreams (and also when he’s out for a quiet beer).

A group of friends and the professor decide with Alex to take a trip out to Alcatraz to see if they can put an end to these nightmares and general unpleasantness.  Cue death, boobs, scary teeth, drooling, rock music and questionable acting.

Slaughterhouse Rock is so 1980’s, it’s frightening.  In fact after watching it I went and checked in the mirror to see if I had grown a mullet in the 90 minutes running time, thankfully I’m still going bald.  The movie has plenty of influences, Freddy Krueger, slasher films, An American Werewolf in London (where the dead talk to our hero) and every fashion statement from that wonderful decade.  We’ve got big hair, trousers so high Simon Cowell would be jealous and turned up collars on Shakin’ Stevens style denim jackets.  There’s plenty of gore and blood on display with practical effects used in huge measures, disturbingly weird dancing from Toni Basil and due to the real life Alcatraz locations, plenty of foggy atmosphere.

The film is a cheesy piece of nostalgia of the highest order.  Sure it’s a bit naff but it’s entertaining for people who remember that era and the kids of today may dig it as they have been force fed on sanitised Hollywood tat for far too long.  Damn good poster art as well.

  • Starring Nicholas Celozzi  Toni Basil  Tom Reilly  Donna Denton
  • Director Dimitri Logothetis
  • Distributor 88 Films